Booster Gold Nº 5 PDF

NOMBRE DEL ARCHIVO: Booster Gold Nº 5.pdf

ISBN: 9788467464429

FECHA: 2009

AUTOR(A): Dan Jurgens

TAMAÑO DEL ARCHIVO: 3,25 MB Booster Gold Nº 5 Image
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Booster Gold, real name Michael Carter, is a high-profile commercial super-hero from the 25th Century. Michael was a star college football player, who gambled on his own games to pay for his mother's medical bills. He intended to stop after his mother's bills had been payed but his dad forced...

Michael Jon Carter, AKA Booster Gold, is a superhero from DC Comics. He appeared in the 126th episode of DEATH BATTLE!, Cable VS Booster Gold, where he fought against Cable from Marvel Comics. He was voiced by Ricco Fajardo. Michael Carter and his sister Michelle Carter were born as twins to a...