Parental Alienation Syndrome in Italian Legal Judgments: An Exploratory Study


Articolo: Parental Alienation Syndrome in Italian legal judgments: An exploratory study
A cura di: Anna Lubrano Lavadera, Stefano Ferracuti, Marisa Malagoli Togliatti
Anno: 2012
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The present study highlights the characteristics of separated families in Italy for whom Parental AlienationSyndrome (PAS) has been diagnosed during court custody evaluations.The study analyzed the psychological reports of 12 court-appointed expert evaluations of families for whomPAS had been diagnosed. Twelve evaluations that did not receive the PAS diagnosis served as a control group.A specific coding system was used for data analysis.The results indicated that the alienating parents were always the parents who had custody of the children.Children who were diagnosed with PAS were predominantly the only child in the family, had identity problems and manifested manipulative behavior.