Hasselblad: Masters Emotion Vol.2 PDF

NOMBRE DEL ARCHIVO: Hasselblad: Masters Emotion Vol.2.pdf

ISBN: 9783832794118

FECHA: 2010

AUTOR(A): Hasselblad


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Seductive photographs with just a hist of edginess.An erotic classic in the makingFollowing the heels of his blockbuster Senses, Frank De Mulder brings us Pure. In this provocative new collection, the top glamour photographer offers us pure beauty, pure erotica -and some barrierbreaking pure naughtiness as well.The reader experiences these erotic vignettes as an authentic participant -no camera effects or complicated technique to mar the intensity. There's a whole world of sensual delights to discover with natural locations as varied and unspoiled as the Namibian desert to the Midwestern prairies.Dans la continuité de son succès, Senses, Franck De Mulder nous présente Pure. A travers de cette nouvelle collection, le photographe, maitre du glamour, nous offre la beauté pure, l'art érotique pur - tout comme de pures provocations.Le lecteur expérimente ces clichés comme un authentique participant - aucun effet de caméra ou de technique compliquée pour en gâcher l'intensité. Il y a tout un monde de plaisirs sensuels à découvrir dans des endroits variés et intacts tels que le désert Namibien jusqu'aux prairies du Middle West.Please note that due to differences in cost structures prices can be different depending on the country you are ordering from.VAT and shipping costs have to be added.
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Fünf Herausgeber internationaler Fotozeitschriften übernahmen dann die schwierige Aufgabe, die zehn Finalisten zu ermitteln. Diese zehn Hasselblad Master erhielten hochwertigste Kameratechnik, mit der sie das Thema »Emotion« auf ihre ureigene Weise interpretierten. Dieser Bildband zeigt die faszinierenden Projekte der Sieger.

Peter Coulson, known as the modern age black-and-white master of photography, specialises in the genres of beauty, fashion and fetish. His images are recognised and well known for their sensual, mysterious & elegant feel; always with a twist of his screwed up sense of humour.